spiralock thread dimensions


List of drill and tap sizes

Below is a comprehensive drill and tap size chart for all drills and taps, imperial and metric, up to millimetres ( in) in In manufactured parts, holes with screw threads are often needed; they accept male screws to facilitate the building and fastening of a finished assembly. One of the most common ways to produce such threaded holes is to drill a hole of

Chip-Free Thread-Forming Taps

Chip-Free Thread-Forming Taps. Chip-free taps produce cleaner, stronger, and more accurate threads than taps that cut threads. Also called thread-forming taps, they press against the sides of a hole to form threads as they are rotated into the hole. They don't produce chips, which eliminates the need to clear chips from the hole and prevents


you are purchasing the pictured spiralock go no go thread plug gage. sold by m & j tooling llc dayton, ohio product specifications and / or labeling: condition: used size: 1/4 20 spl go : 49510 no go : 49512 manufacturer / brand: spiralock if you would like long form calibration certificates please contact us after your purchase.


From fully tested and engineered connectors, clips and lateral systems to time-saving design software, Simpson Strong-Tie delivers innovative solutions for cold-formed steel construction. Our growing web, mobile and desktop software apps help save design time and simplify the selection and installation of our products.

Self-Locking Key Inserts

 · Stanley Engineered Fastening now incorporates its self-locking Spiralock internal thread form design, which reportedly has superior resistance against self-loosening when exposed to harsh environments involving significant shock, extreme vibration, and drastic thermal cycling, into key locking threaded inserts. When designing components and threaded …

Self Locking Threaded Fasteners: Michigan Company

 · tested Spiralock self locking threaded fasteners for almost 18 months in the lab and almost two years in the field when seeking to improve its diesel engine applications in the 1980s. has used the Spiralock thread form ever since, as have many other diesel engine manufacturers including and Mack Trucks.

ecosyn -SEF

Self-locking thread technology Spiralock® Corporation has redesigned the stan-dard thread form and added a special 30 degree wedge ramp at the root of the male thread. This special thread form, called Spiralock ®, fits all screws with standard metric threads. The advantages for ecosyn®-SEF: § Extremely resistant to vibrations

Novel Threading Enables New Approach to Golf Clubs

The innovation behind Spiralock threading, on the right, is a 30-degree wedge ramp in the trough of the thread. This forces the thread on the bolt against the ramp in the nut, distributing pressure along the length of the thread, whereas standard threading, shown on the left, puts about 80 percent of the clamp load on the first two threads, with most of the threading making …

Spiralock Hole Sizes for Cut Tapping Cold

View Spiralock Hole Sizes for Cut Tapping Cold from ME MISC at Anna University, Chennai. Hole Sizes for Cut Tapping These charts are …

Tapping Troubleshooting Guide

1. Use thread relieved taps. 2. Reduce land width. 3. Apply surface treatment such as steam oxide or TiN. 4. Use proper cutting lubricant. 5. Reduce tapping speed. 6. Use larger hole size. 7. Obtain proper alignment between tap and work. Chip packing: 1. Use spiral pointed or spiral fluted taps. 2. Use larger drill size. Problem: Solution

First for Steam Solutions

Spirax Sarco is world leader in high quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids.

M18 Taps

 · High speed steel ground thread taps, uncoated, general purpose. ISO 529 dimensions. Right hand thread. Bottom, second and taper leads. See Technical information for full details. Image is representative. Nominal ISO Size: M18; Thread Form: M

Nuts Threads

203. NTS. I. nternal. t. hreads - C. lass. 2B. ASME --2022 Nominal Size & Threads per Inch: Series Designation

Tangless AND Tanged

The single best source for helical coil inserts, tools and thread repair kits in the industry. BS EN ISO 9001: 2022, Amended May 2022. Certificate No. FM 20982 All dimensions expressed in inches unless dimensional inspections and metallurgical analysis in …

Spiralock potted inserts for composite honeycomb panels

 · The Spiralock potted inserts originally offered in Titanium are now also available in Aluminum for additional weight and cost savings. They are designed to meet dimensional features of NAS1832 specification potted inserts. The Spiralock thread design allows for multiple reuses and vibrational fatigue cycles without loss of locking performance.

Intense Spiralock Thread repair kit

Designed for the repair of just one diameter, available M3x50, M4x70 and M5x80 Contains: 1 tool for application, 1 Machine Tap for support thread and 6 spring inserts 1,5d Other items on request.

Hexagonal nut

Our standard fractional size Hex Flange Nuts are SAE Grade 8 equivalent and designed to mate with standard 2A, 3A, and UNJ class of fit bolts. Features Spiralock's proprietary wedge ramp thread and unique self-locking thread technology which adds a …


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Thread Plug Gages

Thread Plug Gages also referred to as Thread Plug Gauges are used to check inside major diameter and pitch diameter limits on threaded parts. Thread plug gages are available in ACME, ANPT, Helical Coil, PG Conduit, Reversible, Reversible Trilock, Straight Pipe, Taperpipe, Taperlock, Thread Measuring Wires, Truncated Se

Advent Threadmill

Our Advent Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1974 as a job shop serving the manufacturing industry, Manufacturing high-speed thread mills for use soon led to supplying other companies with a variety of thread milling products. Today, Advent supplies Thread Mills, Form Mills, Spline Mills and Broaching Tools for applications across the globe in response to …

Method for Calibration of Thread Plug Gauges

 · Thread wires are available in inexpensive 'sets' which do not use the "best wire" sizes. If you wish most accurate measurement the best wire size should be used to take the measurement. With the best wire size the wire is sized to touch the screw flanks at the pitch diameter cylinder. Here is a link to a list of best wire sizes and their constants.

Article on Fatigue Failure of Bolts

common asymmetric profile in present use is the Spiralock thread that is applied to the nut thread and is used with a standard bolt thread (thread inserts with the Spiralock profile are available). SPS Technologies also have an asymmetric thread profile that has been quoted to provide a 20% improvement in the bolt fatigue life. 9.

Fastener Training

• All thread fasteners up or down two grips • 1 or 2 washers may be added of same basic part of existing washer may be used • "L" series washers are acceptable • Not allowed in blind areas unless the hole is measured • Blind location must be documented • May combine 1 & 2 • If 2 or more washers are called out washer

Spiralock for Dreads Bendable Dread Tie Padded Wire

This spiralock is made using a durable inner bendable wire core which can easily be wrapped around any size dreads securely and stay comfortably in place all day. There is no pulling, tugging or tension to cause discomfort. Made of merino wool, thread, wire. Choose your perfect length: •20 inches

How to Make a Spiral Bead Rope

 · Finish the Spiral Bead Rope . One way to finish your spiral bead rope is to use long cone findings, also known as bead cones, on the ends. Not only will they provide a finished look, but they also will cover the edges of the beadwork, which end up slightly uneven due to the spiral.

Self-locking Fasteners

The Spiralock solution is a uniquely-designed thread form which, used with male fasteners of stan-dard thread form, provides a self-locking action that pre-vents the lateral movement and thus makes the threaded joint highly resistant to the effects of vibration. Addi-tionally, thread contact runs the entire length of the nut,


They are always printed before the thread size. The abbreviation BT or TT is appended to the thread denomination. The choice of a suitable tap type for blind or through holes must be made independent of that. Example: EMUGE SELF-LOCK blind hole tap M8

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